If you have ever been able to run a church website, you know that it is one of the most important aspects of running a thriving church. However, one mistake that many pastors and church leaders make when setting up this website is not to do adequate background research about how their target audience will respond to the site. You need to understand who your audience is and what they want to see. Read on to learn more about the top four church marketing mistakes to avoid.

Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Are you thinking of ways on how to market your church using the Internet? Have you already made a list of the mistakes to avoid when selling your church through the Internet? Not knowing what the things that you should avoid are may push you in the wrong direction. You must be wise in choosing which mistakes to avoid when marketing your church online.

Do not create a blog carelessly.

Being careless when building your website or blog, you must make sure that it will not be carelessly published online. The people who may be viewing it are not ready for this yet. They may just be using the search engines to look for information about your church. They are not interested in what kind of church you have, what kind of services you offer, and so on.

Make sure to have a website address.

Not having your website address at the bottom is also one of the mistakes to avoid. People who just stumbled upon your church’s website are the ones who are willing to learn. They are the ones who will most likely give your church a chance. If they are not even interested initially, they will most likely check out the other websites available in the search results. And when they do check out the other websites, chances are, they won’t stop there either. I8f you have social media accounts, you need to have a proper social ads management to make sure that any mistakes are avoided and less errors are encountered.

So, when you place your website address at the bottom, you allow the visitor to learn more about your church. They can read more information that they can use in the church. They can read more testimonials about the good things that can happen in the church. They can also see the church members’ blogs and community forums to learn more from fellow churchgoers.

Think about SEO

Not including Search Engine Optimization when people browse through the Internet, they should find your site without encountering any problems. They must be able to access your site easily. If they cannot, then they might not come back to your church. They could click on another site, which will serve their needs better. If this happens, you will be losing a potential client base.

Not leaving links

Leaving links for people to find your website address when browsing the Internet lets you give pertinent links. This means that your website must have information that can guide them in the right direction. And if you have all this information in place, you are assured that no matter where the person goes on the web, they will be able to find you.

But sometimes, it can be hard to determine where to put your links. And here’s the mistake that you must never commit. You must never include your contact details anywhere on your site unless you ask for a donation or joining some church-related emailing list. If you are using social ads for church marketing, then you need to leave links that will redirect your audience to your target site.

Forgetting contact details

Including your contact details on your website If you are using the church website as a fundraising tool, then you must include your phone number, email address, and your church logo with your site. This is to ensure that every single time your prospect clicks on your link, he is greeted by a real church member. This gives him the impression that he is in the right place and connecting with a reliable source. And if you are using your website to advertise other products, then you should also include the URL of your website. This way, people will know where to go to find out more about what you are offering.

Be careful with your website design.

Be careful when choosing your web design Your church website design should be clean and straightforward. It should be appealing and easy to navigate. It should make visitors want to return often and stay a bit longer. While you are marketing your church online, you must never sacrifice user convenience for quality. These are the mistakes to avoid when marketing your church online