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Marketing should drive your business. Without a specialized team, marketing feels like an endless money pit. As a result, anxiety sets in.


We think reaching your goals shouldn’t be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

Missio helps businesses win with digital advertising, websites, and social media.

Leverage our deep expertise for the fraction of the price of a full-time employee.

A few companies We’ve Helped

How we help you

Digital Advertising

Our process is built on the same approach used by a Fortune 50 brand.

Social Media

We plan, design, and manage social media content that engages people.


We manage your website so prospects become customers.

You could look like this online

National Tile Contractors Association

Service: Social Media Management

“We love how professional and branded everything feels. That you can tell it’s one of our posts, and the consistent posting are all things we are really appreciating.”

Since Starting With Missio:

Facebook Reach up 141%
Total Impressions up 400%
YouTube Views up 98%
LinkedIn Page Views up 65%

National Moving Company With Multiple Locations

Campaign Goals: Drive qualified phone call leads with Google Ads

Program to Date Results: 4,249 leads at a cost per lead of $49

Software and Service Company helping Launch Churches

Campaign Goals: Drive qualified phone call leads with Google Ads and Facebook Ads
Program to Date Results: 110% To Business Goals on Google Ads & Meta Ads
“We have worked with multiple digital agencies in the past and while they did a good job, we did not experience the return on investment or the personalized attention that we’ve received at Missio. They work really diligently to make sure that their clients are satisfied and that you’re receiving the lead volume and the quality that you’re looking for.”
Ashley White
VP of Marketing

Texas Lone Star Tamales

E-Commerce Tamale Company

Social Media Management:

  • Engagement is up 23%
  • Total impressions are up 26%
  • Total Reach is up 25%

Glyde Solar

Retail Solar Sales and Installation Company

Campaign Goals: Drive qualified leads through Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Beat cost per lead target by 11% on Facebook Ads and by 78% on Google Ads

Working with us means a full team for less than one employee

Old Way ❌
(1 or 2 Staff Members)

$70,000 – $110,000 per year plus benefits
Either know a little about a lot or a lot about a little. Both scenarios are stressful and don’t produce consistent excellence in every capacity.
Thousands of dollars wasted on trial and error, because you don’t know what really works.
Work is 100% reliant on them to fulfill (strategy, content planning, content creation, stats and insights, comments/DM management, video editing, Facebook advertising, print materials, and more).

New Way ✅
(A full team of specialized experts)

Only $1,000 – $5,000 per month based on your desired results
Highly specialized in every area of digital marketing for your business.
A proven approach focused on growing your business while minimizing your risk and maximizing your results.
Your internal staff has time to focus more on the areas where you need them most once you delegate the time-consuming marketing to us.
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  • Tired of feeling stuck?
    We’re so confident, you can test us out.
  • Need to feel 100% Confident?
    We promise to make you feel that way.

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You bring your faith to work. So do we.

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We get it: most marketing agencies don’t have a Statement of Faith. But we aren’t most agencies.