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A full social media team for less than a single employee.

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These days, “doing social media” means:

  • Building an effective strategy
  • Creating an engaging content plan
  • Designing scroll-stopping graphics
  • Editing video
  • Writing captions
  • Responding to messages

This requires a team of experts. Hiring full-time experts isn’t an option for many organizations. That’s where we come in.

Hand over all things social media to the experts at Missio. From strategy and design to scheduling and management, we do it all so you don’t have to. Unleash the power of social to propel your mission.

Stand up and stand out on social media.

Just like this.

Mega Church in Southern California

“Our stats are doing REALLY well, and people are engaging. I feel like it’s another form of discipleship that’s so important in this day and age!”

Service: Social Media Management

Facebook Reach up 823%
Facebook Engagement Rate up 1387%

Instagram Reach is up 2505%
Instagram Profile views up 3260%

Widely Known Christian Thought Leader, Coach, and Author

“I love the writing and design of the posts. They just feel like me!”

Since Starting With Missio:

Facebook Reach up 3030%
Facebook Engagement Rate up 37%

Instagram total Impressions are up 28%
Instagram Profile views up 18%

Established Mission-Focused Business Organization

“We love how professional and branded everything feels. That you can tell it’s one of our posts, and the consistent posting are all things we are really appreciating.”

Service: Social Media Management

Facebook Reach 141%

Instagram total Impressions are up 400%

YouTube Views are up 98%

Linkedin Page Views are up 65%

Here’s how we bring your ideas to life online.


Meet with your Social Media Expert so they can build your custom plan.


Approve your social strategy and initial round of content.


Focus on other things knowing your social media management is done.

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Proven Tactics. Customized Just for You


  • Guided Brand Brief
  • Vision board for your marketing efforts
  • Photography Template
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • On-Going Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Check-In Calls
  • Proactive Content Research
  • Detailed Reporting Insights
  • 5 custom posts per week
  • Posted to 2 platforms of your choice (FB, IG or TW)


Everything in the Basic Package Plus:

  • 3 additional Posts Per Week (8 Total)
  • Posted to 3 platforms (FB, IG, and TW)
  • 1 Message Caption Video Per Week
  • Community Management
  • Instagram Stories
  • Real-Time Live Streaming
  • 5 Customizable Tokens
  • Target Persona Template


Everything in the Basic Package Plus:

  • Unlimited Strategy Check-In Calls
  • Plus LinkedIn and Pinterest Channels
  • 4 additional Posts Per Week
  • 1 Additional Message Caption Video Per Week
  • 1 Additional Real-Time Live Streaming
  • 4 Additional Instagram Stories
  • All video content posted to Instagram Reels
  • All Message Caption Videos for TikTok
  • Additional 10 Customizable Tokens
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Yearly In-Person Strategy Consultation


-Disciple Central Community Church

"We were not getting information out to people frequently enough. And the quality of the designs and things that we had was not reaching this generation I felt like we needed to. Missio filled in that gap in a major way."

Marcus King
Lead Pastor


"We love how professional and branded everything feels. That you can tell it’s one of our posts, and the consistent posting are all things we are really appreciating."

Bart Bettiga
Executive Director

-Painesville Assembly of God

"We've had multiple other pastors come to us and people in ministry saying, your social media is great, like, what are you guys doing? Where do you get all this content from? And that kind of thing. So that's been encouraging, knowing that people are noticing and it's getting out there and asking."

Aaron & Jamie Taylor
Senior Pastors

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