Maximum results with $120K in free advertising from Google Ads for nonprofits

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Getting the Google Ads grant can be challenging. Maximizing the results is even harder. But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where we come in.

Take your mission farther by letting Missio maximize your Google Ads performance with up to $120K in free money for non-profits.
From strategy to execution, we have you covered and will unlock growth to new heights.

Google Ads maximization to help grow your organization.

Just like this.

Calvary Chapel South Bay

Goals: Maximize the Google Ads Grant to drive online and in-person attendance

Annual Metrics:

  • Spend (Free money): $114K
  • 34K Unique website visitors from Google Ads
  • 4K website conversions

Evangel Cathedral

Campaign Goals: Maximize the Google Ads Grant to drive online and in-person attendance

Annual Metrics

  • Spend (Free money): $119K
  • 20K Unique website visitors from Google Ads
  • 11K website conversions

DeAndre Salter Ministries

Campaign Goals: Maximize the Google Ads Grant to drive financial literacy based on biblical principles.

Annual Metrics:

  • Spend (Free money): $112K
  • 24K Unique website visitors from Google Ads
  • 2K website conversions

Your path to transformational results


Meet with your Google Ads Nonprofit Expert so they can build your custom plan.


We deploy a plan built just for you.


Watch your organization thrive with a strategy that works.

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Proven Proven Strategies. Customized Just for You


  • Average Spend of 2-4K per Month
  • Blog Framework for Maximum SEO Results
  • Ongoing Strategy and Consultation
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Ad Account Setup
  • Ongoing Proactive Bid Optimizations
  • Monthly High-Level PDF Reporting
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 24/7 Account Access
  • 1 Supported Location


Everything in the Basic Package Plus:

  • Average Spend of 5-7K per Month
  • Up to 5 Supported Locations
  • Ongoing Keyword research
  • Ad Messaging matched to your Landing Pages
  • Online Dashboard Reporting with Real-Time Analytics
  • 2 Additional Countries
  • 2 Ad-Hoc Themed Campaigns Per Year
  • Conversion Tracking


Everything in the Basic Package Plus:

  • Average Spend of 8-10K per Month
  • 3 Additional Countries (5 Total)
  • 6 Additional Campaigns per Year (8 Total)
  • Customized Conversion Event Optimization
  • Cultural Topic Campaigns
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Website Audit


-Evangel Cathedral

"You guys are crushing it with the Google Ads. The results are amazing."

Jennifer King

-Portland Christian Center

“ is so easy to work with. Not only that, I am thrilled to see how well the program is working. I didn’t expect for us to spend as much as what we are spending with the Google Grant. Even more awesome is that 81% of our new members say that they find us through Google now!”

James Polits
Creative Director

"We've had multiple other pastors come to us and people in ministry saying, your social media is great, like, what are you guys doing? Where do you get all this content from? And that kind of thing. So that's been encouraging, knowing that people are noticing and it's getting out there and asking."

Aaron Taylor
Lead Pastor

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